I haven’t done a general family update in awhile.  Sometimes I like to do these, it’s in place of scrapbooking etc.  This is the random bits of my life over the last few months, if you skip this post I won’t be offended!  I hope you are all well!

Family Update! I haven’t done a general family update in awhile.  Sometimes I like to do these, it’s in place of scrapbooking etc.  


Tiny Hall house is moving along.  This weekend, we are hoping to get a lot of the electrical hook ups finished up.  It’s been a week of figuring out KWH (I guess high school math did come in hand after all) watts and amps for every single possible items we “might” plug in, getting our final amp and watt numbers so we could finalize our solar system.  There are lots of kits out there and even components that go together nicely, but in the end we wanted something completely portable (like our house) and that was all tied together in one sun-trackable unit.  Sol-solutions, has the sol-man classic that will fit the bill just right.  We’ll also have a  back up genny 2,000-3,000 for “just incase”, but we are excited to finally have our choice made.



Partne-Slabtown Customs

The following pictures are of a custom tiny house that we call the Partne. This house was named after the buyer and designer and is pronounced “Partnay”.

It is 10’ wide and 22’ long, with pine log siding and a bright red metal roof, however you may choose a different color roof. It has a 3’ x 3’ front porch. This little home has a kitchen with a apartment size range that runs on propane.  A full size refrigerator, single basin sink and a food prep area complete with two pull out drawers, dining counter / bar, overhead cabinets as well as lower base cabinets make for an amazing tiny home kitchen and eating area.  Other features include a nineteen gallon electric water heater hidden under the kitchen work area, a ladder to access the loft is conveniently located at the end of the kitchen bar. The bathroom features a full size porcelain toilet, a spacious 36” shower stall, a large sink with a vanity and storage. A large closet / utility room has a washer and dryer hook up. A large electrical service will allow this tiny home to be set up like a standard RV on 50 amp 110 service with the ability to hook up to 220V service to allow for a electric dryer if desired.

As if that is not an impressive list of features for a tiny house, this house comes with solid true hard wood flooring including both lofts. The bathroom features ceramic tile, however it was not installed at the time pictures were taken.

As seen this house is fully insulated with fiberglass in the floor, walls and ceiling. It is wired with 12-2 with ground, plumbed with P.E.X. and PVC as applicable. It sits on a steel I-beam frame with two 8000# axles and bumper pull hitch.

The log siding is trimmed at the corners and gable ends of the roof with solid pine hand hewn timbers.

The trim around the door and windows features two inch thi

Turns out that this company isn’t trustworthy.  Sad Day. 


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minim house | foundry architects

pull out floor bed with full mattress (no loft to crawl up, cooler in the summer, simple bed-making).

no walls to diminish sense of space. (210 ft2) for full 1-2 person living and entertaining: a 10′ kitchen, a 5′ closet, 8′ sofa/guest bed, dedicated office area, 4′ dining table, comfortable seating for 7, and a 7′ projection screen.

streamlined framing and insulation with standardized SIPs panels (shipped nationwide). Just 3 windows and 1 door to install; no window/door trim work on exterior or interior.

innovative table system that may be raised/lowered/swiveled in 4 floor sockets to function as kitchen island/bar, second desk, coffee table, dining table, and bedside table.

detachable design (house may be undocked from trailer with 15 bolts).

off-grid design for areas without water/sewer/electric hookups.

integrated rain catchment/storage with no visible gutters.

minim micro homes | plans | hat tip tiny house living | more boneyard

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